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  • Donald Trump, midterms results and defining “winning”

    The Compass of Power Episode 5 Winning is the primary motivator in politics. It may seem obvious that winning is important. Everyone wants to win, right? I live in Washington state, and let me tell you, there were Mariner fans here the whole time. But seeing as they hadn’t made it to the post season […]

  • Midterm results: Elites rule (even more)

    It’s time for the hot take on Midterms 2022. It’s the day after, Wednesday. And everyone’s like, What happened? It’s a mix of results. Folks have tried to find a theme, have said maybe Democrats staved off the red wave. On the other hand, maybe Republicans still get control of Congress. Was it a blue […]

  • Swimmers in Hicks Lake in June

    The people missing from “Save Hicks Lake”

    It was my very distinct impression that the evidence, opinions and materials submitted regarding these projects came from a very specific demographic. Although one person identified himself as a truck driver, for the most part they were people like me — white collar workers who live near the lake and who had the time, education, awareness and opportunity to weigh in.

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