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    Do democratic principles demand a “Greater Idaho?”

    Idaho is OK, you say. But it could be better. How? What if we threw in Eastern Oregon with it? That is precisely the “Greater Idaho” campaign’s aim. And it is doing well, if you consider that most of these state-rejiggering plans go nowhere, and it appears to be going — somewhere. The idea is…

  • Cover art for eight Brooksfilms

    A Love Letter to Mel Brooks

    Thanks for being so funny for so long. Dear Mel Brooks, As you know, you are great. I’ve enjoyed your work my whole life, but I’ve never said thank you. Granted, my whole life adds up to less than half of yours. But even half your age is, you know. So I’m overdue to say…

  • Why the US has more immunity to rationality than to COVID-19

    When news broke that the US Department of Energy concluded the coronavirus likely escaped from a lab, Democrats were skeptical, Republicans triumphant. Shouldn’t everybody be dispassionately interested in determining the origin of a pandemic that killed nearly 6.8 million people worldwide?

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