Childbirth rights … and wrongs

Contrary to what you may have heard, women are not poorly designed for childbirth. Jessica Wilson talks about why we fear mothers will die in childbirth in the United States, starting with her own terrible experience having her first child. We talk about the cascade of interventions, America’s dismal statistics of maternal mortality, and what we knowContinue reading “Childbirth rights … and wrongs”

Hey Assholes, it’s August.

Listen, I know there are market forces at work initiating the removal of the camp chairs and tiki torches. But that doesn’t give you the right to move us all into late October. It’s still August, you assholes. A quick celestial reminder. Summer ends on Sept. 22, when we are halfway between the longest andContinue reading “Hey Assholes, it’s August.”

Why Portland Protesters Will Never Tire

The Battle of Portland rages still. Having worn down federal agents and local police, leftist protesters spent a recent weekend in gas-choked melees with a motley, right-wing “Back the Blue” rally.  The remarkable endurance of these protests is subject to debate. The May 25 death of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis policeContinue reading “Why Portland Protesters Will Never Tire”

The “III” Symbol (Car Decals Decoded)

This interesting and cryptic symbol includes the Roman numeral three, “III,” and usually a ring of stars. What III means The three refers to the 3 percent of the American population that supposedly fought in the American Revolution against the British. We should say “supposedly,” because I don’t get the sense this was an especiallyContinue reading “The “III” Symbol (Car Decals Decoded)”

What this is all about

I’m launching this blog to advocate for seeing American politics and society differently. All politics are identity politics of a kind. I say this as some one who has spent his adult life working in and around politics. Some of it is beneficial to society (“We’re the kind of people who care about kids”) andContinue reading “What this is all about”